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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Kroger national representatives will be in Memphis on Friday to discuss the possibility that a grocery, and pharmacy and banking services, could return to Orange Mound.

Kroger representatives say they are actively seeking other grocery retailers to open in the former Orange Mound Kroger location and have reached out to more than 30 retailers and wholesalers.

“We are doing everything we can to bring another grocer into the building,” said Teresa Dickerson with Kroger’s Delta Division. “We understand the hurt it caused but we are standing with them and committed to helping bring a grocery store back to Orange Mound,” Dickerson said.

On Friday Kroger’s national representatives sat down with community members, politicians, activists, clergy and the unions.

“They’re going to be a part of helping us move forward,” Dickerson said.

As they figure out a plan to get another grocery store to move in.

The group says they will continue to meet for the next few weeks.

Cheryl Scales who organized the meeting said they plan on presenting their plan once they have more details.

Meanwhile, Kroger says it’s actively seeking other grocery stores to move in.

They say they don’t have to do this but want to.

“We want to see the best possible outcome for Orange Mound and the city,” Dickerson said.

Kroger closed the Orange Mound and South Memphis locations in February leading to outrage in the community.

Community leaders with the help of Rev. Jesse Jackson decried the closing as damaging to the community. A group is set to meet with Kroger representatives Friday.

“We are pleased to meet with representatives from the Orange Mound community, which was our commitment after open dialogue with community leaders and Rev. Jesse Jackson,” Dickerson said in a statement. “We look forward to seeking common ground and contributing to solutions to enhance food access in Orange Mound.”

The former Kroger on South Third was recently reopened as a Cash Saver.