Kroger decreases number of customers allowed in stores to cut down on virus spread

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There might be some changes on the next visit to your neighborhood Kroger.

A spokesperson said starting Tuesday, the nation’s largest grocery chain will limit the number of people inside to help cut down on possible exposure to COVID-19. 

The grocery giant said they will begin to limit the number of customers to 50% of the International Building Code’s calculated capacity.

How many people allowed inside will be calculated by each store’s square footage.

One customer per every 120 square feet will be allowed in the store. Previously, it was one person for every 60 square feet. 

For example, the Farmington store in Germantown is about 97,000 square feet, so 709 customers will still be allowed in the store before others will have to wait.

Kroger will be using a technology system they already have in place that uses infrared sensors to monitor the number of people in their stores. 

Another experiment Kroger is looking into is testing one-way aisles in select markets to see if that helps with social distancing.

The company is the latest in big box stores altering how many people are allowed inside at a time.

Last week, Costco announced it would allow no more than two people to enter their warehouses with each membership card.

Home Depot said its stores are issuing temporary changes as to how many people can come through the door at a time, as well as eliminating spring promotions that might draw big crowds.

Kroger is also installing plexiglass partitions at checkout lanes and other parts of the store for protection, along with adding floor decals to promote social distancing.

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