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OXFORD, Miss. — A northeast Mississippi man plans to plead guilty to a federal charge that he tried to produce child pornography after officials say he recorded girls changing in a locker room.

A lawyer for Micah Macay Wilbanks of Corinth filed notice Thursday that Wilbanks will change his not guilty plea Oct. 25. He was indicted on one count of sexual exploitation of children.

Authorities say a student found Wilbanks’ cellphone hidden in a locker room at Kossuth Middle School on May 2. Wilbanks then coached at the school.

Wilbanks faces 15 years to life in prison and a fine up to $250,000 if convicted.

Another coach reportedly confronted Wilbanks who reportedly admitted that “the record button was on.”

At the time, Wilbanks was reportedly “high as a kite,” seemed to be having trouble walking and his speech was very slurred.

He was also reportedly overheard saying that “he had messed up and didn’t deserve to be in public education.” He called himself a “pedophile” and “a piece of s***.”

Wilbanks unsuccessfully sought to dismiss the charge because the video lacked nudity.