Kapone Found Safe

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(Senatobia, MS 12/20/2011) Kapone, the dog that has been missing for five months, has been returned to his owners.

Kapone was found in Senatobia, MS Tuesday afternoon.

An anonymous tip to the “Seniors Be Safe” hotline led to the dog.

Since Crime Stoppers is reserved for felonies, this other hotline had been publicized as the phone number to call for tips on Kapone.

Several individuals and animal rights organizations had donated money toward an $8,000 reward.

Beverly King, an animal advocate who worked to put up signs and check out tips, said that the tip came in Monday.

King and the Shoup family met with Senatobia police on Tuesday, and went to a house on the 100 block of Peach Tree Drive.

There they found Kapone in the backyard. Two teenagers answered the door, but no adults were present at the time. The teens would not speak to the media.

“I called him by name, and he went nuts,” said Darrell Shoup, Kapone’s owner.

King said, “Kapone came out to the car and jumped in the van with the kids. They were squealing.”

Authorities took Kapone to the Senatobia Animal Shelter, and the Shoups filled out paperwork at the police department, waiting for the police to make contact with the homeowner.

Darrell Shoup said later that the homeowner told police the dog had wandered up to the house two or three months before.

When asked if Shoup believed that, he said, “I don’t know, I don’t want to speculate. I’m going to let them do the investigation.”

Memphis authorities will now take over the investigation.

The family is now focused less on the how and why, but more on celebrating the early Christmas present.

The Shoup children went with their father to retrieve Kapone from the shelter later in the evening, and said that if Kapone were a toy, he’d be on their wish list to Santa.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to play with him in the house,” Shoup’s daughter said.

King said that she’ll probably change the banner asking, “Where’s Kapone?” to “Welcome Home, Kapone!”

“Some people say, oh well we won’t find Kapone. We might as well take the banner down, but no. This just proves that you know, things work for a purpose. And it’s Christmas, so miracles do happen,” she said.

Memphis Animals Services worker Demetria Hogan is charged in the dog’s disappearance.

Kapone and his sister Jersey escaped from a Cordova backyard in July.

Hogan, a Memphis Animal Services officer, with a long criminal, past picked-up the dogs after they got out of the yard.

When Kapone’s owner went to retrieve her dogs at the shelter the next morning, Kapone was gone. In fact, there was no notation on any paperwork that Kapone was picked up.

However, a neighbor told Kapone’s owners they saw Hogan pick up both dogs and drive away.

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