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JACKSON, Miss. — A judge has denied a request by former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis to use public funds for his bond to appeal an order to pay $73,000 back to the Mississippi Auditor.

State law requires a defendant to post a bond when they want to delay payment until their appeal is heard.

The bond pays for extra costs related to the appeal and assures the defendant will pay the ordered amount if they lose the appeal.

The judge required Davis to post a $100,000 bond.

Davis had said he could not afford the bond and wanted the city to post the bond.

In the judge’s decision, he said Davis must pay the bond himself.

The judge then lowered the amount he must post to $25,000.

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Monday, State Auditor Stacey Pickering issued this statement:

“Hinds County Chancery Court Judge Dewayne Thomas ruled today that former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis cannot use his public official bond to serve as his supersedeas bond for his pending appeal, which has been the position of the Auditor’s office since this case began. The purpose of the public official bond is to protect the taxpayers, not to protect the public official by requiring the taxpayers to support Davis. I am pleased with today’s ruling and it is another victory for taxpayers of Southaven as we recover the funds embezzled by Davis.”