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JONESBORO, Ark. — More information has been released in a crash that flipped a Jonesboro police cruiser and sent the officer inside to the hospital. According to a crash report obtained by WREG, the officer was heading westbound on West Johnson Avenue. He was transporting an inmate to the Craighead County Jail when the prisoner, identified as 19-year-old Logan Younger, was able to slip his left hand out of the handcuff and became “disorderly and aggressive.” Younger then used the cuff to hit the cage. He eventually began doing the same thing with his feet. As the officer began driving faster to get to the jail, the suspect pulled out a Zippo lighter from his pants pocket and attempted to start burning the rear of the car. The report said it was due to these actions that the car drifted into a turn lane and then hit a manhole cover and began to lose control. The vehicle soared across the two westbound lanes and hit the concrete curb, sending the car sliding sideways on the grass where it hit two signs, a telephone wire box and then finally a chain-link fence. It was the impact of hitting the fence that sent the cruiser rolling over on its side. Younger was reportedly ejected out of the back window during the wreck and tried to escape. He was apprehended a short time later. The officer, police said, had to be pulled from the cruiser by the Jonesboro Fire Department and airlifted to the Regional Medical Center. Younger is being held on charges of escape-third degree, public intoxication, fleeing on foot and being a minor in possession. Thompson has been with the department since December 2015.