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(Memphis) Shortly after the noon hour on  Monday, a black sedan pulled up to Diersen Charities on Winchester.

In the back seat, was former state Senator John Ford fresh from prison.

“I am looking good. I feel good.  I feel blessed,” says Ford, who appears thinner and with more gray hair.

Ford is headed to a halfway house where he will finish his sentence for bribery.

It was April 2008 when he last walked free.

He was sentenced to four years in prison after that infamous video, as a part of the Tennessee Waltz FBI sting, caught him on camera accepting bribe money.

Ford saids it’s a minor set back for which he plans a great comeback.

“I have a story to tell. Can’t tell it right now. We don’t have time. I have a tremendous story to tell. It’s been an incredibly bad experience. I do not look back, I look forward,” said Ford who talked from  the back seat of the car that picked him up from prison.

The Diersen Charities Halfway House where Ford is staying is a former office complex/warehouse.

The assistant director says it’s been open for about 9 years and houses 104 people.

It is also right across the street from the funeral home owned by John Ford’s brother, Joe.

There is no word on how long John Ford will be at the halfway house.

We asked Ford what his plans are now?

“To do great things. Do great things,” he said. “You watch what I do. I am not down, I am not out. I am way out front.”

John Ford arrived at the halfway house with one of his sons and a sister in the car with him.

He is the last of 12 convicted officials to be released from prison in the Tennessee Waltz  FBI Sting.