J&J Waste customers say trash hasn’t been picked up in weeks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People around Shelby County are complaining that they’ve gone weeks with their trash overflowing, and they say one company is responsible.

Nonnezoshie Rogers lives in the Millington area and says her trash has been sitting on the curb for a month.

She says the company she pays to pick it up — J&J Waste — told her they’d be out last week but never came.

“It’s horrible,” Rogers said. “Already animals are coming up trying to get in the trash and it’s only going to get worse because it’s getting hotter outside.”

She’s not the only one in the Millington area feeling the frustration. One woman told us she hasn’t had her trash picked up for more than a month, and she’s already paid for the services through June.

In Cordova, we heard similar stories.

One woman told us her trash hasn’t been consistently picked up from Lagrange Downs since October.

We’ve tried writing and calling J & J Waste to get answers, but haven’t had any luck.

Court records show multiple lawsuits against the company’s owner Jo Carol Harris.

In February, Harris was evicted from another business she owns, Cordova Catfish.

Some customers say they’ve had better luck with J&J Waste, but that’s not an experience everyone shares.

“Overall, it’s been okay,” said Cordova customer Joyce Glore. “It’s not been that horrible. A couple times they’ll be late, two or three days.”

Rogers said she’s thinking about switching services, like some neighbors have already done.

“My neighbor across the street, they have the same, J&J, they’ve already switched over, so most likely that’s what I’m going to have to do as well,” Rogers said.

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