JetBlue flight attendants praised for saving French Bulldog

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NEW YORK — A Massachusetts couple has publicly thanked JetBlue airlines after two of their flight attendants jumped into action during an emergency thousands of feet in the air.

Michele Burt told CNN she was traveling with her husband and three dogs following a trip to Orlando. During the flight, her three-year-old French Bulldog named Darcy began having problems. Without warning the dog’s tongue and gums turned blue and she began panting frantically.

Upset by the sudden decline in health, they asked for help from the flight attendants.

At first the employees gave Darcy a bag of ice to see if that would help. When it didn’t, they grabbed an oxygen tank and a mask and gave it to the couple to put over the little dog’s face.

Burt said Darcy’s condition quickly improved.

After they arrived back home, the couple reportedly wrote a letter to JetBlue praising the flight attendants for their quick actions during a scary situation.

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