Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Proves He’s A Fighter

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(Memphis)  Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler continues to prove he’s a fighter by talking and walking just days after suffering a heart attack.

It was a scary night for WWE Raw fans in a Montreal arena Monday when Lawler collapsed at the announcer’s table.

It happened off-screen, but the TV audience knew what was going on when they wheeled the 62-year-old wrestling star out on a stretcher.

Kevin Lawler said he almost lost his father.

“It being 20 minutes to revive him, they had to shock him seven times to bring him back to life. He was actually clinically dead for those 20 minutes,” Kevin Lawler said.

They were worried he might have brain damage, but a CAT scan showed no signs of brain damage and doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Kevin talked to his dad for the first time Thursday and said he sounded just like himself.

Jerry Lawler also recorded a brief video message for his fans, thanking them for their support.

Kevin Lawler said this week has felt like a roller-coaster of emotions, from not knowing whether his father would make it, to hearing of him talking and walking.

“That was really good, just to hear his voice, and to know that his voice sounded normal. You know, it didn’t sound like there was anything wrong with it,” he said.

He said that his father actually started complaining of chest pains as early as Saturday, when he was in Aruba with his girlfriend.

But before having the chance to see a doctor, he participated in a tag team match at the event Monday night. Kevin Lawler said that watching it on TV, he thought it looked rough.

He also knows of the history of heart attacks in his father’s family.

“No matter how healthy you think you are, or what you try to do, you never know. You should just always stay up to date, and current on that,” he said.

A doctor has told Kevin Lawler his father is extremely healthy for someone who’s 62. He has never used drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

“One of his only real vices when it comes to that, he’s just a huge Church’s Chicken fan,” Kevin Lawler said.

He’s now feeling incredibly relieved, after being so worried all week about his father’s health.

Kevin Lawler holds a wrestling event once a month at the Raleigh Springs Mall.

He’s inviting wrestling fans to come out this Friday night at 7pm, where there will be a tribute to Jerry Lawler.

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