Jeff Foxworthy surprises woman in grocery store and pays for her groceries

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JOHNS CREEK, Ga. –You might be having a lucky day if you meet a celebrity and they pay your grocery bill.

A Georgia woman got an unexpected surprise from a familiar face.

Robin McFadden was shopping when she looked down to grab some coupons.

McFadden has said she heard a voice behind her ask, “How much is she short?”

When she turned around, she was surprised to see comedian Jeff Foxworthy standing behind her.

“By the time I got to the register, the two small one were fussy,” McFadden said. “I tried quieting them with some candy but it didn’t work.”

Seconds later, Foxworthy swiped his card and paid for all of McFadden’s groceries.

McFadden told WTVM-TV “I am so thankful for him.”


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