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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — January is the month parents see a rise in head lice infestations.

Lice aren’t the gift you hope to bring back after Christmas break but they could tag along.

“I’ve noticed summer break and January is when I get most of my calls,” said Monica Keshwara.

Keshwara calls herself the lice nurse, and she’s the person parents call when they discover that kids packed more than just new toys in their suitcase.

“My name got spread like wildfire around Memphis started getting different calls and now it’s like the underground mom’s club,” said Keshwara.

She says when nits show up, her line gets a buzz.

“January being the longest break they have besides summer families are conjoining they are playing, slumber parties, taking selfies, head to head is that close,” added Keshwara.

Since lice tend to come out to play the most in January she keeps her comb and olive oil handy.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the term nit picky, that is where the term comes from because you have to sit there and comb everything out,” said Keshwara.

While she chooses to get rid of the bugs naturally she says battling a lice infestation can be frustrating.Especially now that super lice are on the scene and can rack up a super price tag for parents.

“Spend hundreds even thousands on prescription medication which may or may not work,” added Keshwara.

In seven years of helping families she says she’s seen it all.

“Lice don’t discriminate, they love everybody,” said Keshwara.

Head to head contact is the most common way they are spread. During Winter months when kids are buddled up regular checks for head lice are a good way to spot head lice before they have time to multiply and infest your child’s head.