SCS says about 80% of students able to connect on first day of virtual learning


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Students in Shelby County started their first day of virtual classes on Monday.

Officials with the SCS said overall things went smoothly in the new learning environment, but they said they still need to get digital devices to roughly 10,000 students.

A spokesperson with SCS said some people either missed their original pick-up time or had to reschedule their pick-up time because of weather delays from last week. Over the weekend, people waited long hours attempting to get those devices for their school children.

But the district said about 90% of their students got their devices before classes resumed on Monday, though some experienced technical issues.

The school district is reporting about 80% of students were able to get online without any issues, but some parents were not able to connect. One parent said her child was very disappointed because of connectivity issues. She said she tried to call and get help but was unable to reach anyone at SCS.

Todd Shaffer, the principal at Winridge Elementary School, said he and his staff miss the traditional school setting but said this new way of learning will not have any bearing on the quality of the education.

“We really miss that human interaction without students,” Shaffer said. “But that’s still not going to lessen the quality of the education they’ll receive.”

As the largest school district in the state of Tennessee went completely virtual, there were some issues for many.

SCS Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray visited schools to show support to teachers as they led their classes virtually. Ray said everyone coming together trying to make the best of this new learning environment amid the coronavirus pandemic, shows the strength of the community.

“It’s the testament of the resilience of the community,” Ray said. “Testament and the resilience of our parents and our students.”

Ray and the school district said this process has not been the smoothest, but they are asking for parents and students to try to remain as patient as possible.

“We just ask the parents and the community for grace,” Ray said.

The district said you can contact your schools with concerns about tardies and absences due to technical issues. They are working with parents who are navigating these unprecedented times.

The tech support number is 901-416-5300, select “Help With Your Computer or Hotspot” option from the menu. More information can be found by clicking here.

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