‘It was a horror movie:’ Violent Memphis machete attack caught on camera

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is charged with attempted murder and other crimes after police say he broke into a Nutbush home and began trying to kill a man with a machete.

Kevin Armour

The victim told police that he woke up Saturday night to Kevin Armour standing over him with a machete inside his home on Weiner Road.

Armour reportedly called the man by name and said, “the voices in my head are telling me to kill you.”

He then swung the machete, badly injuring the victim when he held up his hand to block the blow, according to a police statement.

Armour allegedly kept swinging as the victim ran outside to a neighbor’s house, and cornered the victim on the neighbor’s front porch.

“It was a horror movie,” said David Crowe, who was staying with the victim.

Crowe said he briefly left the victim’s house and when he returned, found the living room covered in blood.

After days of cleaning, there are still specks of blood on the ceiling and curtains.

“I’ve been cleaning blood for two days and still ain’t through,” said Crowe.

The victim was able to jump off the porch and get away when Armour looked over his shoulder, he told police.

“He ended up running down the street, he lost so much blood by the time he got four or five houses down, somebody called 911, he passed out from lack of blood,” Crowe said.

Police say they found Armour a few blocks away at a home on Townes Avenue. They say he still had the machete and cellphone with him.

In addition to attempted murder, Armour faces charges of especially aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and theft after allegedly taking the victim’s cellphone. He is scheduled for a court date Thursday.

A police affidavit did not specify how Armour and the victim knew each other, but Crowe said Armour was hanging out at the victim’s house. The victim told police Armour did not have permission to be in his house.

The victim was stabbed in his rib cage and on at least one of his hands. Crowe said he may lose some of his fingers.

“His fingers were so loose in the video, it looked like a wet noodle,” Crowe said.

Armour has been arrested multiple times for drugs. In 2015, he was accused of trying to stab his brother, but that case was dropped.

“It should never [have] happened ‘cause he’s out of jail and he shouldn’t be out of jail. … he’s trying to plead insanity, if you know what I mean. He’s not stupid,” Crowe said.

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