Investigators search for arsonists accused of setting family’s cars on fire

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A car caught fire just feet from where a newborn and two other children were sleeping, and now it happened again.

A South Memphis family recorded video of their car engulfed in flames with fire shooting straight into the air, and their three children were asleep just on the other side of the wall.

“The lady from the back on that street over came knocking on the door, because she saw smoke coming from the car,” the victim said.

The victim, too afraid to show his face, lives in a home on Kimball with his family and said he has no idea how his car caught fire last month.

“The fire department says it started from the engine,” he said.

But things got worse.

“I got a call like 3:00 this morning,” the victim said. “I was out on my way to pick up my mother from work. My sister said her car was on fire.”

The unnerving scene happened again Thursday morning. This time, his sister’s and mother’s vehicles parked on the street were on fire.

Both engines were wilted, tires were melted to the ground, and the windshield was bashed in by firefighters who put out the flames.

The family was confused as to who would do this and why.

Police said they are investigating and looking for the person responsible.

In the meantime, the family said they don’t have transportation now to go to work or to take the children to school.

They’re living in fear and pleading for help.

“If anybody knows anything, could they come forward or go to the police department?” the victim said. “It would help us out a lot.”

Fire investigators said the fire last month was something that sparked in the engine, but they believe Thursday morning’s fires were intentionally set.

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