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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — A former city employee was indicted in Tipton County after being accused of taking ownership of a city vehicle in order to obtain a $2,500 rebate for himself.

According to the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office, former City Manager Peter Colin learned that a dealership was offering a $2,500 rebate to anyone who bought a General Motors vehicle while showing proof that they owned a competitor’s vehicle.

Not qualified for the rebate, Colin allegedly wrote a personal check of $500 to temporarily purchase a Jeep Cherokee owned by the city of Munford. The check was never deposited by the city recorder, but Colin still reportedly obtained the Jeep’s title and used it to get the $2,500 rebate.

That money was pocketed by Colin, authorities said.

About a month later, he signed the vehicle back over to the city and donated $100.

Mayor Dwayne Cole told investigators he did not agree to the sale of the vehicle.

Colin resigned in May 2019. He was indicted in March 2020.