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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Where were the parents?

It was a question Shelby County District Attorney Investigator Jimmy Chambers wanted to know after seeing an all out brawl recorded at Wolfchase Galleria and Oak Court Mall the day after Christmas.

“We as adults need to put our foot down and let these kids know — you all ain’t taking over nothing,” Chambers said.

Chambers told WREG the teen flash mob-style attacks are nothing new to Memphis.

They have occurred at gas stations, grocery stores, and other public places over the years.

Memphis police said the latest incident was promoted on social media with a picture of guns that read: “GANG SHOOTOUT TODAY AT WOLFCHASE MALL. BE READY TO BANG OR DIE.”

“This Facebook, this social media network stuff — it has taken our children. It’s like it’s taken our children to hell,” Chambers explained.

While there were no shots fired or serious injuries, Chambers said parents need to start asking their children questions.

“Where you going? Who you with? What’s his name? What’s her name? You got to do that now,” he said.

The long-time investigator and community mentor said adults cannot be soft with children — you have to know how to talk to them.

“You can’t be fake with these children. If you fake with them, they going to find you out sooner or later,” Chambers explained.

Ten people were arrested following the Memphis-area mall incidents — including eight children.