MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)– It took three years for police to build their case, but they say they were able to finally bust a moving company owner for allegedly scamming his customers.

Shannon Leggett thought she had done her research when she hired Spyder Moving Services earlier this year to help with a move from Memphis to Horn Lake. She said they were one of the only companies she found that would agree to move her son’s special medical bed.

“They said they could take everything apart and put it back together for a flat rate,” she said. “The flat rate is $730.”

The amount is listed on the contract she provided, plus extra for storage and a nonrefundable deposit.

But there’s one clause, we noticed, that seems to have some words missing. It makes it unclear what the customer would pay per hour, but states there are eight hours of work, minimum.

That clause makes it even more confusing because Leggett said on moving day, employees left the medical bed behind.

She said her credit card was charged more than $1,000, and she got a bill for $2,700 more. She said she had to pay it to get her stuff back.

“It’s put a hardship on my family,” said Leggett. “It was a big ordeal.”

John O’Hara is the CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Mississippi. He says many of the reviews on Spyder Moving are similar to Leggett’s story. O’Hara said the BBB has alerted Spyder Moving and tried to get the issues resolved, but that doesn’t always work.

Oxford police say their department spent three years building a case on Spyder Moving. In August, the owner, Vlad Ladygin, was charged with two counts of embezzlement under contract and his employee was charged with being an accessory.

We tried calling and emailing the company several times but never heard back.

Oxford police and the BBB say moving scams are not uncommon, which is why you should always do your research and read reviews on multiple sites. Also, check with the US Department of Transportation to make sure the company is legit, and get everything in writing.

Leggett said she wish she had done that. She eventually found a friend of a friend to help her move her son’s medical bed into their new home.