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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some Memphis apartment residents are fuming with anger after their cars are towed by their own apartment complex.

WREG was told that it was done in the name of improvements, and the managers said the residents had been warned.

Kensington Manor Apartments off of Getwell road was due for a parking lot makeover. But Denozanna Moore said residents did not get enough warning about moving their cars.

“When it rains the potholes come in, and they build up right there at the back by our garbage cans,” Moore said. “My thing is Sunday at 6:15, you put notes in the door knocking at the door saying ‘You got to move your car by 7 p.m. they going to start towing.”

Moore said last Monday was the first email notice. A map from apartment managers showed where paving would be done first.

“They put sections on a map,” Moore said. “And most people don’t understand the map.”

Moore also said she then received a written note on her door April 17 saying work would begin the next day. They had until 7 p.m. Easter night to move their cars.

“Easter Sunday, people are out enjoying service, eating and other family people’s houses and they are also not looking at the emails,” Moore said. “I started telling all the neighbors ‘They’re towing cars tonight. 7 p.m. sharp.”

Her family moved her car and thought everything was fine, but the next morning, her car was gone and cost $175 plus a $30 a day storage fee to get it out. Moore is still without her car.

“I said ‘They towed my car. You all said you were going to do area four which the maintenance man explained to me,'” Moore said.

Management told us they did due diligence, notifying residents early and going door to door Sunday. They said around 11 cars were towed.

“People don’t have money once we pay our rent and utility bills. We are short on money,” Moore said. “There was an older lady in the office when I went in there. She asked me ‘Can you help me go get my car? I need to have money to go get my car.’ I feel so bad for her because she’s older than me.”

Moore, who is preparing to bury her mother, said it will cost her $265 to get her car out later this week plus another $125 because she will have to get her car towed to a repair shop.

“I feel like if the maintenance man told me to park between this gate and that gate, I would say you should get my car back to me,” she said.

WREG contacted to apartment’s management headquarters. After our story aired, they sent this statement saying they sent multiple notices to residents before the paving:

“The safety, happiness and comfort of our Kensington Manor residents is a top priority. With the important renovations taking place, we sent nine notices to each resident since March 14 through email, text and notes on resident doors informing them where they can and cannot park along with important logistic details. Additionally, metal fences with banners, no parking symbols and tow warnings were present to help further direct. All residents also signed construction addendums before moving in to ensure they understood renovations would happen during their lease. We did everything in our power to inform residents well in advance in every way possible.”

– Kensington Manor Management