MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We have more questions than answers about the shootout on Beale Street that left two people injured and one man dead over the weekend.

This happened in the heart of Memphis. A tourist destination. A street many of you have been on. That’s why many want a better understanding of what happened.

Crime scene tape blocked off Beale Street Sunday morning after a shootout outside the Green Room. Memphis Police told us two groups of men started shooting at each other and officers nearby also returned fire.

They say bullets pierced through a squad car, striking his body worn camera. Two people were hit and another man, identified as Tacqaun Smith, was killed. 

His mother Tashia Smith said she witnessed what happened.

“He fell after police was shooting their guns over their cars. I literally saw him take his last breath and I know for a fact the police were involved,’ Smith said.

Police typically request the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in deadly officer-involved shootings, but that hasn’t happened. They said this incident does not involve an officer-involved fatal shooting and they plan on providing clarification to Smith’s family.

“Based upon the facts of the case, based upon the chain of events and based upon what we know, there’s no reason to bring in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on this case,” said Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich.

As of now, the officers involved have been placed on leave pending the investigation but their names have not been released and despite calls from the public– neither has the body camera footage.

“The video that has been seen by some would shock members of this community, based on the brazenness of this crime,” Weirich said.

We asked Police Chief CJ Davis for an interview to talk about it but the request was refused. We caught up with her second in command, Assistant Chief Don Crowe, on Tuesday.

“After any incident on Beale Street, we review the safety plan and work with our partners in downtown Memphis commission. We met with them Sunday and will continue to meet with them this week and make adjustments to the safety plan as needed,” Crowe said.

That was the only question he would answer Tuesday.

We submitted another interview request to Chief Davis and her team this evening. We will let you know if we hear back.