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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A Memphis woman has been trying to get her stolen Rolex watch from a pawn shop for over six months.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, had her home broken into back in April. 

Around 6 p.m., she noticed a car slowing down outside of her home, but thought nothing of it. Upon returning around 10:30, she realized thieves had broken into her house.

“When I got a little further in the house, I saw things disturbed, jewelry gone, and the back window had been broken,” she said. 

Among the jewelry stolen was her Rolex watch.

“The watch for me, it was the first nice thing that I really had,” the victim said.

Police came, but she still didn’t know if she would ever get her things back. The watch had a serial number, which would be her only hope at recovering it. 

About a month after the burglary she called officials for an update. Within 30 minutes, they informed her that the watch was located at Keller’s Pawn Shop in Walls, Mississippi.

This crime victim says Memphis police told her that since the watch was found in Mississippi, it was out of their jurisdiction and she needed to call the Desoto County Sheriff’s Office.

Desoto County officers told her that they could not prove that the person who brought in the watch knew it was stolen, so they could not go after them.

They said a pregnant woman sold the watch to the pawn shop, but said she got it from a man.

“This wasn’t in this woman’s possession. It was definitely mine. You know it’s mine and you know it’s stolen. He said that he couldn’t do anything. That I should buy my watch back from the pawn shop,” the victim said.

The Desoto County Sheriff’s Office sent us a statement saying the ball is not in their court and they are in limbo.

They also provided a copy of the 1993 Mississippi Pawnshop Act, showing that to get a stolen item back, a warrant must be sworn out against the person selling the item.

If the item is found to be stolen and officers pick it up, the owner must pay the pawn shop before the item is returned.

Desoto County says that because Memphis Police do not believe the pregnant woman is responsible for the theft, they haven’t charged her.

Meanwhile this crime victim’s Rolex remains at Keller’s Pawn Shop. However, they said there is no Rolex for sale right now.

“No one will issue a warrant, and my watch has just been sitting in DeSoto County for over six months,” the victim said.

The woman says detectives told her to get an attorney, but she doesn’t think she needs one because she is a victim of a crime and law enforcement should solve it.