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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just days after admitting to killing a woman while street racing with children in the car, a man is back behind bars, accused of falsely telling police his car had been stolen.

Two years ago, Andrea Spencer was driving at “a high rate of speed” with a one- and two-year-old not properly restrained in his car.

Witnesses told police Spencer was racing another car. He was weaving in and out of traffic on Winchester Road when he lost control. He went through a light pole onto the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian, Breann Bonds.

She was dragged 124 feet. Police pronounced her dead when they got to the scene.

Rendering found in the police report.

Breann was an aspiring musician. She was just walking home from the store that evening. She was only 23 years old.

Breann was getting ready to go back to school. Breann tried to get her life back together. He took all of it away,” her mother Rosalin Bonds said.

She talked to us through video chat. She’s still recovering from a stroke she had after her daughter’s death. She was just as upset as when we talked to her two years ago, because even though Spencer was charged in her daughter’s death, he quickly got out on a $5,000 bond.

“We’ve been frustrated since that,” Bonds said.

Frustrated because Spencer walked free until he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide- reckless on March 2. A judge allowed Spencer to continue to walk free and get arrested again.

Just days after his guilty plea, Spencer walked into the Mt. Moriah police precinct. He told officers someone held him at gunpoint and stole his car. Court documents state that was a lie. Officers found out Spencer was reportedly in a “hit and run” crash, and there was an “alcoholic beverage in the passenger seat.”

Spencer was charged with false reporting.

Andrea Spencer

After the false reporting arrest, Spencer was given a low bond again. $7,500 this time. He bonded out within hours.

“My child is gone, but he is still walking the streets,” Bonds said. “It’s crazy I have to deal with this and sit up and think about this every day.”

WREG Investigators found out the district attorney’s office filed a motion asking the judge to revoke or increase Spencer’s bond. They called him a “threat to public safety.” An arrest warrant was issued, and Spencer is in jail again.

“You know I had a stroke. I’m really not healthy myself right now. I’m still going through a lot. Every day I pray for God to put this past me,” Bonds said.

Spencer is due in court next month. We will let you know what happens.