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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Clerk’s office fire an employee for misconduct, but she managed to get her job back.

Erica Askew was indicted for official misconduct. She was arrested in July while working at Mullins Station location.

Law enforcement released very little at the time, but WREG Investigators uncovered Askew’s employee file.

It states in July 2020, she apparently opened a side door and allowed a customer to enter the building. The office wasn’t open yet, but she let the customer in and reportedly handed him a title for a 2019 Dodge Challenger.

Records show Askew signed the seller’s name, something she wasn’t supposed to do, and entered it into the system. Two months later, a disciplinary action form states Askew faced termination, and a notice was sent to the state stating Askew was being let go for acts of misconduct that were captured on office surveillance cameras.

Four days later, Askew filed an appeal.

In August 2021, the Civil Service Merit Board sent a letter to Clerk Wanda Halbert. It stated her office “failed to meet the burden of proof for ’cause’ in the termination” of Askew.

They overturned the termination and reinstated Askew with some back pay.

She continued to work in the office for 11 more months until a grand jury decided there was enough proof for misconduct.

We tried to go to the address listed on court records, but had no luck finding Askew.

According to her personnel file, she worked for the county for nine years.

The only other time she was in trouble was for tardiness. In 2019, her file noted she was tardy a total of 171 times.

She’s due in court for the official misconduct charge in October.