MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Settlement checks are finally on the way for families with loved ones buried at a Memphis cemetery that has been plagued by problems for years.

The families are part of a class action lawsuit against the funeral homes that used Galilee Memorial Gardens. Graves were left unmarked, bodies left on top of one another and cemetery grounds were so unkempt families couldn’t visit their loved ones.

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Gloria Butler’s mother, father, two grandchildren and a nephew are buried at Galilee, but she still isn’t sure where the graves are located.

“You know, we kept saying, something is wrong, what they doing?” Butler said. “My nephew’s  headstone was rolled over in the woods, so we couldn’t even find him. So they were supposed to be straightening it out. But they never did.”

The court fight has lasted 15 years. When a $10 million settlement was reached, the families waited for years for settlement checks. Many called WREG for answers when they could get none from the courts.

When we contacted the attorney again this week, he said finally things are finished.

A court order released last month spells out the details. After payments to lawyers and others, the initial settlement of almost $10 million was left with $5.2 million to be disbursed to 752 approved decedent claims.

That comes out to about $6,900 dollars per decedent, which is then divided by how many family members are under that decedent.

One family member told us by phone, after not being able to find his brother’s grave, he is glad to finally have some resolution.

 “Anything is better than nothing,” William Myers said. “I really just wanted my money back for the services I paid for, because I didn’t get what I paid for. It’s awful.”

Butler said she is glad it’s settled too, but because of the number of family members listed as under Butler’s claim, their check will be just hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands.

“I think it should have been more, because the heartache that we had to endure, you know, while we were sitting there waiting, anticipating kind of see what was going on,” she said.

 The letters to all the families will be sent out by Dec. 19. Checks won’t be mailed — they must be picked up in person next month at the Shelby County courthouse.