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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Drivers at Republic Services say medical waste isn’t being properly discarded at a southeast Memphis landfill, and it’s jeopardizing their health and safety.

Several employees we talked to said images captured on grainy video shows medical waste — things like needles — improperly disposed at the company’s landfill.

Employee Terry Moss said the landfill allows the driver to dump the medical waste along with regular trash, but medical waste is supposed to be dumped differently.

Drivers said that’s creating a hazard. One, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us over the phone that he was stuck by a needle.

He said he’s gone to the doctor multiple times and has had blood work and shots.

“It’s more angry more than anything because of the fact you have to work in unsafe working conditions,” the driver said.

James E. Jones, president of Teamsters Local 667 which represents some of the drivers, said employees have complained about the problem for years, but nothing has been done.

“We’ve been working with the company, through the company, filing grievances, sending letters, asking for answers,” Jones said.

It’s even been able to penetrate the workers’ thick boots, Jones said.

“Just think about getting stuck by a needle that’s been on the ground for days or weeks or whatever,” he said. “Yeah it’s supposed to be sterilized, but who is to say bacteria hasn’t grown inside that needle when it’s just laying there?”

They hope the company can make what they believe is an easy fix, so the medical waste will be dumped differently, for employee’s safety and peace of mind.

A spokesperson with the company headquarters in Arizona said a meeting with local Republic Services leaders was set for early Tuesday evening to discuss the issue.