Investigation ongoing into ‘mass shooting’ at biker club in Grenada


UPDATE: The Grenada Police tells WREG-TV that the location of the biker club Hwy. 8 East have been shut down as a result of the mass shooting. The location will no longer be available for business as usual. The Grenada Police is involved with the shutting down of the location which is 23291 Hwy 8 East in Grenada. No events will be held in the future in connection with the biker club at the location.

GRENADA, Miss. — A violent weekend in Grenada, Mississippi, where at least 11 party-goers were shot in a barrage of gunfire.

It happened at the SSMC biker club on Highway 8, shortly after 1 a.m., on Sunday. What sounds like a fully automatic weapon was captured by a News Channel 3 viewer who does not want to be identified.

When the smoke cleared at least 11 people were found wounded in what police are calling a “mass shooting.”

“We have learned that the shooting started on the inside and it spilled over into the parking lot,” George Douglas, the police chief of the Grenada City Police Department, said. “And thus far, as far as shooters, naming shooters, we haven’t reached that point at the moment.”

City officials released a statement on Tuesday saying additional victims were also located at hospital as far away as Batesville, Mississippi. Police and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation are still working to determine how many were injured.

“Grenada Police want the public to know that there is no evidence or facts available to suggest that the shooting can be attributed to any national motorcycle groups or gangs,” the city added.

Another video sent in by a viewer.
**Viewer Discretion is Advised**

No one was killed and Chief Douglas says several agencies are actively investigating.

“We’re working currently with the FBI, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as well as out local District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Department to follow up every lead we may be able to get to,” Douglas said.

Douglas said weapons and stolen property were found at the biker club during the course of the shooting investigation.

WREG was told officers have responded to a number of complaints at the club since it opened last year. A member of the biker club told us off camera that the building was being rented to a woman who was throwing a party and that gunfire erupted when a guest refused to give up his gun at the door.

The chief said he has questions about the number of people attending the party and whether health guidelines were being followed.

In the meantime, Douglas said he understands why people who live near the club are concerned and scared.

A window at the club after the shooting.

“Eleven people have been shot, and that’s serious. The nature of a “mass shooting,” it shakes this country, (and) it have shaken this city.”

The injured were treated at hospitals in Grenada, Winona , Greenwood and Tupelo. Some have already been released.

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