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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Commissioner Justin Ford told investigators he lives in the district he represents but did not have utilities for more than two years because, “he does not have a high salary and has faced financial challenges that have forced him to make sacrifices.”

Ford earns $29,000 per year for his District 3 commission job and reportedly works at his family’s funeral home.

The report, done by the Shelby County attorney, notes Ford said he would provide a copy of his lease but, “neither Commissioner Ford nor Fairways leasing office has produced a copy of the lease agreement for our review.”

Still, it has been decided Ford ‘probably’ lives in the Fairway Apartment complex.

Utilities were reportedly re-connected the week questions were raised about the residency of commissioner Henri Brooks.

Ford is the son of former County Commissioner and Interim Shelby County Mayor Joe and Cheryl Ford.

Several people questioned how someone, especially a member of the Ford family, would live that long with no heat or air conditioning for more than two years.

An employee of the complex and a neighbor said they have seen Ford from time to time.

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