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(Memphis) Five drivers are recovering from an interstate crash that’s to blame for a fire, sending at least one person to the hospital and jamming up traffic on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Smoke poured out of a smashed car as firefighters beat it even more; making sure flames wouldn’t pop up and start an even bigger problem.

The car was just one of five cars in a domino wreck that backed up 240, south of Jefferson Sunday morning. John Hawkins sat on a nearby guardrail and watched the whole thing.

Hawkins says a dump truck was driving the speed limit northbound along 240 when out of nowhere, “the dump truck swerved, went up on that median and bounced back. You can see the skid marks,” said Hawkins.

The dump truck smacked another car and crumpled the hood.

“Then that truck hit the debris had a blow out,” pointed out Hawkins.

Minutes later, another car hit debris also and caught fire.

“It looked like it just sparked. It knocked the wheel out,” said Hawkins.

Thankfully, the driver was able to get out of dodge quickly.

“When he saw the flames, they started out from underneath the little fender. He took off that way,” recalled Hawkins.

An ambulance rushed a woman driving one car to the hospital.

“She seemed hurt pretty bad,” said Hawkins.

But everyone else seemed to be OK and checked on each other as police and firefighters wrapped up their investigation.

“I’m just glad everybody got out ok, I’ve seen enough blood,” said Hawkins.

Police haven’t released the condition of the driver taken to the hospital or said if anyone was charged.