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(Hernando, MS) Inside 301 Sid’s in Lake Cormorant, cashier Becky Woodward is hoping to sell a lot of food, but she’s also putting the hard sale on the benefits of companies relocating to Desoto County.

“Everybody is nice out here. It’s a small town, and I think it would be great for big business to come out here,” Woodward said.

She says what’s near their store on Highway 301 are three nearby interstates.

They are the new I-269, I-69 and I-55.

Woodward said that’s ideal for major companies and existing businesses, “That would be better business for us, yes. It would bring a lot of people in here.”

Senators David Parker and Chris Massey of Desoto County agree.

They’d like to see more major corporations move their headquarters here creating jobs and more revenue.

“With the new road that’s being built we have the land, we have the location, and we have the spots where larger facilities can come in and setup new locations. Sometimes it’s location, location, location and we have the location,” Parker said.

It’s why the lawmakers boarded a helicopter to tour the area.

They wanted to get a first hand look at the Interstate 269 project.

They also plan to promote a new headquarters bill touting tax incentives to companies.

“It’s very important. Being able to tie in three interstate in Desoto County, to be able to get out of Mississippi with your product is a big thing and being able to get people in the area easily is a big deal,” Massey said.

Some say it’s a potential big deal that can already be seen from the skies and on the