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(Nesbit, MS) You’ve gotta call Army Private Taylor Odom, a holiday miracle.

Just a month ago he lay near death in a Colorado Hospital after a military training accident left him with brain injuries and broken bones ”I really don’t remember anything about the accident, just what I’m told happened, that’s all I know” Odom said from his Nesbit home.

It may not seem so now, but Odom’s injuries are some he’ll carry for life, even though his family is determined to get him back to his old self ”We’re trying to get there. It won’t be one hundred percent. He has what you call a TBI, that’s a traumatic brain injury. There will be some permanent damage but we’re gonna get him back” said Odom’s mother, Jennifer Palazola-Herrin.

Doctors say recovery could take years.

The Army will pay for Private Odom’s medical care, but the family spent their entire savings on travel back and forth to Colorado up till now. The family still has an account set up to help with Odom’s expenses at M&F bank, under his name.

The Army didn’t want to let Odom go, but his mother, with the help of activist organizations, and members of Congress finally got him home for the holidays ”He’s a soldier, he’s a strong one so you see, he’s walking and he’s got a lot of heart and a lot of determination”.

The biggest question now, is about Odom’s future, to everyone but Private Odom ”I don’t know if they’ll let me right now, cause If they make me change to a non-combat MOS, I signed up for combat MOS. I’m not gonna be nothin’ different”.

Eventually he says he wants to become a veterinarian ”Oh yeah, I’m not gonna be crippled. I wanna be up and around and movin’. I hate just laying down all the time”.

No, there’s no chance of that.