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(Munford, TN) A marine injured in Afghanistan was due to return home to West Tennessee late Thursday night, after spending nearly a year recovering from an explosion.

As of 11p.m., his flight from D.C. was delayed until early Friday morning. Some supporters in his hometown were still waiting to welcome him back through downtown Munford.

L. Cpl. Christian Brown lost both his legs in the blast last November, and after several months, developed the ability to walk using prosthetics.

Late Thursday night, dozens of Patriot Guard Riders waited with close family and friends at Memphis International Airport to escort him home to Munford.

In Munford, Mayor Dwayne Cole has been following Brown’s progress and eagerly prepared for this weekend’s festivities.

Friday night, the community will hold a L. Cpl. Christian Brown Benefit Bowl at his alma mater, Munford High School.

Starting at 6:30p.m., the crowd will honor Brown, then begin the football game between Munford and Brighton high schools.

After the game, there will be a benefit concert at Wyatt Earp’s Sports Grill and Steakhouse. No alcohol will be served. Admission is $5.

Some are prepared to wear a special t-shirt, bearing the words from Brown’s tattoo: ‘Break my body but not my spirit.’

Known to friends as “CB,” Brown has captured the hearts of even those who don’t know him at all.

“I am a Munford citizen, and I’m proud of my military. My whole family, we have a background from the civil war. North, South; we have served every branch. So I’m just a supporter,” said Karen Henley.

Henley rode in the motorcycle brigade during a spring fundraiser for Brown.

She and Mayor Cole described the event saying they had never seen so many motorcycles at once.

“His life is changed forever. And yet how many times, over and over, is this story repeated in small towns across this nation,” Cole said.

Cole admitted it’s been an incredibly emotional journey for those who know CB and appreciate how his life has changed.

Cole described CB as “audacious at times, a little bit just past the line.Has as big a heart as you could ever imagine. Loves his country, loves his town, and I will tell you. This town loves CB.”