Information on voting absentee by mail in Tennessee


Pamela Bilbo says a post-it notified her that she wouldn’t be getting mail due to COVID-19. (Image courtesy: Pamela Bilbo)

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On Aug. 6, voters will be choosing their party’s nominee for congressional races, along with seats in the Tennessee General Assembly. Shelby County voters will also elect a new General Sessions Court Clerk.

You may be eligible to vote absentee by mail. The state expects about 1.4 million Tennessee voters will do so.

In Tennessee, everyone age 60 or older is eligible to vote absentee. If you’re younger than 60, you must be disabled or ill, a student enrolled at an institution that’s not in your home district, or meet certain other criteria.

A judge has ruled that fear of coronavirus is a valid reason to be eligible to vote by mail. Though the state could appeal, the ruling remains in place.

If you plan to vote absentee in the election, you can now request your ballot from your local election commission.

If you live in Shelby County, you can apply here. For other Tennessee counties, see rules and download the application form on the state’s website here.

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