‘I’m laying they soul to rest:’ Woman finished with burglars after 4 break-ins in 2 months

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman still mourning the loss of her mother less than a year ago is now being subjected to more trauma.

Valerie Howard said she returned home Wednesday morning after a trip to Michigan to care for her sick, disabled brother. She found her home on Castle Street in North Memphis turned upside down.

The intruder, or intruders, took jewelry that belonged to her late mother and even stole pictures of her mother that hung on the walls.

“You name it, they took it,” Howard said.

That includes furniture, Howard’s surveillance video recording system and several items from her shed. Police said they found lawn equipment, a rug and a wheelchair abandoned in the street.

“We never had a problem, just all of a sudden, we’re having a problem. Been here since 2010 and never ever had a break-in,” Howard said.

But since August 30, police have logged four burglaries at Howard’s home, including two that happened on back-to-back days this week.

Howard has already spent almost $300 to replace a window on her car that was busted out and will now have to spend more money for repairs to her home.

She said she’s ready for the intruders if they return.

“I hope and pray they come back while I’m here because I’m laying they soul to rest, so whoever they are, make sure your family got a black dress or if you need a Gofundme page or whatever to help bury you,” Howard said.

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