‘I just didn’t want to die:’ Woman at the center of a domestic killing involving jail employee tells her story


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The woman who says she was at the center of the shooting death of a Shelby County corrections officer is telling her story of what happened.

The shooting Jan. 3 in Frayser left Derrius Davis, 30, dead.

Kenisha Fleming said she and Derrius Davis dated before they broke up about five months ago. Davis, a county corrections officer, was killed Jan. 3. Law enforcement said the shooting was justified.

Kenisha Fleming said she was asleep in bed at her home with her new boyfriend when she saw Davis, her ex, coming down the hallway.

“He stood at the end of the bed, closer to the side my friend was on and my friend held his hand up and said, ‘Put the gun down, I am the police,'” Fleming recalled.

“Derrius said, ‘No, you put the gun down, homey.’ My friend told him, ‘Chill, chill, chill.’ Derrius shot and I dived off the bed on the floor screaming,” Fleming said.

“I just didn’t want to die. I have a daughter, and I knew I wanted to be here for my daughter. I was just screaming because I just didn’t want to die,” she said.

Fleming was shot in the leg, and Davis died. The man who shot him was found justified in the shooting.

Fleming said she didn’t know Davis still had a key to her house. After a volatile three-year relationship that she says often turned violent, she said they broke up five months ago. But they still would see each other.

Fleming says she never called police about the violence because she didn’t want Davis to lose his job.

“I just wanted him to get some help, and I felt like eventually he would,” Fleming said.

Now Fleming says posts on social media blame her for the shooting.

“They say I set him up. I didn’t even call him over there. I had blocked him from my phone. He was sending me messages through SnapChat,” Fleming said.

Fleming said she is worried about the impact this will have on her daughter. She says if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, they should get out of that relationship.

“I honestly feel like it really traumatized her,” Fleming said. “They just need to get out. They need to recognize the signs early and just get out. 

Fleming says she and her daughter are now living in a hotel because it is too emotional to go back to their home, where the shooting happened.

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