‘I’ve got you right where I want you:’ Man accused of extension cord attack against ex-girlfriend


Richard Villa

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CORDOVA, Tenn. — A Cordova man was taken into custody after he was accused in a brutal, hours-long attack Monday evening.

According to police, officers responded to an aggravated assault in the 4900 block of Byron Road in Berclair after a woman was reportedly attacked inside her home.

She told police she was inside when an ex-boyfriend, Richard Villa, broke in and told her "I got you right where I want you."

She said he then became very irate and punched her in the mouth, chipping her tooth. Villa allegedly grabbed an extension cord and began beating her with it before wrapping it around her neck.

But authorities said the terrifying ordeal didn't end there.

According to police, the suspect then tied the woman up with the cord and made her get on her knees in the living room. He took off his shirt, wrapped it around her neck and once again began choking her.

He then pulled a small gun out of his pocket and told her he was going to kill her, police noted.

The abuse allegedly went on all night long Sunday into Monday.

After several hours, the victim said Villa threw her into a corner, loosened the extension cord around her body and told her not to move. He then went to another room and fell asleep.

It was during that time that the victim was able to get free and ran outside for help.

When officers arrived on the scene they said Villa was still in the woman's bed asleep. He was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault/bodily harm.

Jerica Burgette runs a support group for victims after surviving her own violent relationship.

"Sure enough, one shoved turned into full-blown physical abuse on a regular basis," she said.

Burgette also recently helped start “The Memphis Shield Project," which aims to make it easier for victims to get orders of protection.

“It’s just gotten off the grounds, but what we’re trying to do is make it 24/7 access to a judge so you can an order of protection, financial assistance and all of that.”

She hopes it’ll help victims like this recent one and wants others to know the importance of filing reports against abusers.

“The least it could do is have a paper trail for you because that’s called stalking and that’s called harassing and that’s against the order of protection.”

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