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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Tennessee Department of Transportation says repair work on the I-40 bridge will likely move the bridge reopening to the first part of August.

According to TDOT, crews are currently installing 17 plates as a part of the Phase 3 repairs. TDOT says 13 of the plates have been “rough-set”, and the last four plates are arriving Friday and will be set over the next few days.

TDOT says the work will likely push reopening the bridge to the first part of August. The department says it will have a more specific schedule next week.

Earlier this month, Mike Welch, Director of Operations with TDOT, said TDOT officials were “relatively confident” the bridge would be reopen in some capacity by the end of the month.

“We’re still working toward that really, really hard,” Welch said at the time. “We want to see how much of this plating has to be done while the bridge is closed and maybe if possible some of it can be done under traffic.”