Hundreds of poll workers wanted in Shelby County for Election Day

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Election Commission is looking for 125 Republican volunteers to work as poll workers for the upcoming election.

Diana George, a poll worker specialist with the commission and her team have been working around the clock preparing.

“So time is of the essence because we’re running out of time. Every day is critical.”

“How busy have you been?”

“Super busy. Have you heard of 12 and 14 hour work days?”

On Thursday, the commission held a virtual job fair for poll workers. They have enough Democrats who have signed up to work, but they’re still in need.

“We did fall short, critically short of Republicans that we need. We need 125 Republicans who are willing to travel around Shelby County to help balance the polls.”

By law, they have to balance the polls.

“What happens if you don’t get those 125 Republicans that you need?”

 “Well unfortunately the staffing will be short,” she said.

“If our staffing is short then we’re not providing the full service we need to give that voter when they come in and we’re all about customer service. Our voters are our customers.”

Her team is expecting long lines on Election Day so the more workers to help, the better.

As a poll worker you do get paid $190 which includes a three hour training session before Election Day. George encouraged everyone to come out and make a difference in the community, saying she’s had some people reach out wanting to work to make sure everything is being done fairly.

“That’s a reason why they need to come and get involved so they can learn how the process is and see it for themselves. That it is safe, it is fair. Republicans and Democrats work so well together in the election process and only if our government could work like that as we work here the world would be a better place I think.”

If you are intersted in volunteering, click here.

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