Hundreds line up for chicken giveaway


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — By the hundreds, cars lined up Saturday morning around Raleigh Egypt High School.

Up for grabs, was a case of frozen food, at a time when many families are still going without, Saturday’s event was right on time.

It was an early morning start for many here in Memphis. One woman said she got in line in the wee-hours of the morning.

“I got here about 3 o’clock,” The Godmother said.

Six hours ahead of the 9 a.m., start time for a frozen-food giveaway. If you’re wondering why so early, this woman who was first in line and goes by the nickname The Godmother, did not mince words when telling us what led her to get up, well before sunup.

“Because I’m in desperate need of food, that’s why I came out,” The Godmother said.

Unfortunately, COVID has set into motion, food insecurity in and around the Mid-South. Knowing this, Patrick Morris with Capital Food Group put together this drive to give out these 40 pound boxes of frozen chicken.

“I think today we have over 300 cases of chicken that we are donating. So right now, we are at a charismatic number of maybe 22-grand,” Morris said.

And it was worth every penny Morris says, making sure his community is being served.

“Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, I actually graduated from Raleigh Egypt High School,” Morris said.

Which is why the class of ’99 graduate says this is personal. It’s his way to give back to a community that poured into him.

One trunkload at a time, these organizers and volunteers are filling each vehicle with 40 pounds of chicken.  What’s happening at the giveaway is designed to make a positive impact, all while highlighting a need.

“A lot of people are hungry,” Morris said.

Patrick Morris, with Capital Food Group says the plan is to host a drive once a month in areas they regard as under-served.      

We will keep you updated on future events.

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