Crowds gather at Memphis’ Pink Palace for eclipse-viewing party


Crowds were out at the Pink Palace Museum for the eclipse. (photo Shay Arthur)

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As millions around America watched the total solar eclipse, there were plenty here in the Mid-South as well.

One place to watch was the Pink Palace Museum, where there were activities for the whole family.

Exciting times were shared by many at the Pink Palace Museum, where about 1,500 people gathered to experience a Super Bowl of sorts in the sky.

“This is history! This is my first time seeing a solar eclipse.”

“Well I wasn’t even born the last time it happened, so this is exciting for me.”

The morning started with once again those long lines waiting to pick up eclipse glasses — but they stayed upbeat.

“Making new neighbors, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this. We should have more solar eclipses.”

Families enjoyed looking at the sun through telescopes and giant solar eclipse glasses.

“I’m expecting it to be reddish orange and very bright.”

Many came into today with different expectations, but Gary and Diane, who made the trip from Connecticut, were in for a big surprise.

“My husband said this is once in a lifetime, we should go!” Diane said. “So I looked online and I thought I read that the full totality would be in Memphis. And I booked our flights and our accommodations and got on the plane and saw that it was not!”

But you can tell they’ve stayed positive!

“Frankly I think it’s the best mistake I ever made in my life.”

There was some cloud cover, but most people said they were able to get several good, safe looks at the eclipse.

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