MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new scam is emerging, and it involves victims being scammed not once but twice.

According to the Better Business Bureau, scam recovery scams emerged heavily in 2022, especially in major metropolitan areas. Thieves work to convince consumers who’ve lost money in a scam that they can assist in getting their money back.

Daniel Irwin of the Mid-South Better Business Bureau says their office got some reports of it last year but predicts there could be more victims in the future. He explains how it works.

“We’re always telling people if you have a scam call and you answer that number, you engage with a scammer. Scammers know that it’s a live number, so they turn around and sell your number to other scammers because they know it’s a live number,” said Irwin. “You’ve fallen for it once. They think you’ll fall for it again,” said Irwin.

Irwin also added, “They’ll say, ‘Hey, for a certain amount of money, we can go after the scammers and help you get your money back.’ They’re gonna offer to get your money back from a scam, but it’s a scam the entire time!”

Here’s how you can avoid being scammed twice:

Avoid Scam Recovery Scams

  • Don’t answer the call
  • Recognize spoofing
  • Research caller
  • Fee is a red flag

If you’ve paid a scammer, take these steps to get your money back and report the fraud:

Avoid Scam Recovery Scams

  • Contact bank
  • Contact gift card issuer
  • Check your credit reports
  • Consider a freeze
  • Change your passwords

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