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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s a highly sought after toy but hover boards haven’t exactly proved to be the safest investment.

The US government has recalled a half million of them over fire concerns and once again a hover board is being blamed for a fire this time in at the Budgetel Inn and Suites in Northeast Memphis.

Shattered glass and charred remains at Budgetel Inn and Suites showed the aftermath of a toy malfunction Friday.

We spoke to a property manager who didn’t want his face show but shared his biggest concern stemming from the smoke left behind.

“It’s dangerous. They got the fire in the room. Coincidentally no one was hurt.”

Off camera we spoke with the owner of the hover board who said they plugged it in to charge, but flames began to fly and they wasted no time getting out of the room.

Just after noon, police and firefighters rushed into the room to douse the flames before things spread to the other rooms at the inn.

“Main thing is no one is hurt, damages happen you know. I am glad no one is hurt today,” added the manager.

Officials at the Inn said they understand that accidents happen and they won’t hold anyone accountable for the faulty hover board.

“We don’t want to blame to anyone we’ll take care of everything.”

Officials at Budgetel did explain that this incident makes them aware of a new for restrictions in their hotel rooms.

In the future they may prohibit guests from charging the toy on their property.