Homes in Binghampton neighborhood repeatedly targeted by burglars

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A burglar was caught on camera taking a television from a Binghampton home, but the homeowner said it’s not the first time her home has been targeted, and she’s far from the first victim in the neighborhood.

Memphis Police are looking for a hoodie-wearing thief caught struggling to make it out of a home off Allison with a flat screen TV.

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The place was targeted while Denise Burns was at the grocery store Thursday. She said police think someone had been working to loosen her back door.

“I want them to get the prints because what if they can match those prints with something else? What if they can save this kid’s life?” Burns said.

When she says save their life, she hopes the person responsible, who she believes is a teenager, can get back on the right track. She thinks things could be different, possibly deadly, if the burglar broke into a different place next time.

Burns said her home was targeted before. The last time, as she was coming home, she spotted a possible lookout in her driveway.

“I ran in the house, and everything was still here, and they had just got started,” she said.

She’s not alone. According to Memphis Police’s Cyberwatch, there have been nearly 50 home break-ins in the last three months in a one-mile radius around her home, including 15 this month alone.

While Burns is upset her home was broken into, she wants those committing the crimes to get help.

“They don’t understand,” she said. “They’re after money, and that’s what they’re being taught.”

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