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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Neighbors say there’s a serious crime problem in the neighborhood where people broke into a home Saturday morning.

A homeowner shot and killed two suspected burglars when they came inside.

Their names are 18-year old Jordan Mitchell and 20 year old Melvin Atkins.

The third person who also was inside got away when the shooting happened in the 18-hundred block of Denison in Southeast Memphis.

Neighbors tell us they’re used to people breaking into their homes. One man says it’s been a problem for 20 years.

Neighbors say Denison Street is anything but quiet. It didn’t take long for the news to spread about the recent home break-in. The man who lives at the home was confronted by two men with guns.

“Sad situation,” said a neighbor.

The homeowner gave verbal warnings for the men to stop coming toward him but the men refused. The homeowner shot several times killing two of them. A neighbor who wants to protect his identity says it’s obvious the homeowner wanted to protect himself.

“Anybody with common sense, if you walk in your house and there’s two peoples in there ain’t got on business in there, got guns, you’d do the same thing he did,” said a neighbor.

Antonio Ventura who’s a father of two is afraid of criminals targeting his home next. Neighbors say this isn’t the first time the homeowner whose home was broken into was a target of crime.

“This is the second time it happened to him cause the last time not long ago, maybe like a year ago I hear he came back from work and somebody followed him and beat him up and they took his truck and run away,” said Antonio.

People who live on this street say they`re fed up with people breaking into their homes and cars.

Some of them installed security cameras once they learned how many people were becoming targets.

Again, police are still searching for a third suspect who got away.

No charges were filed at this time against the homeowner.

It will be up to the DA to decide if charges will be filed.