Home Uplift Initiative winterizes 350th home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For most of us, it’s a comfort to know our homes are cozy and warm, but not everyone can say that.
That’s why the TVA is hoping its home weatherization program is making a difference for low-income households in Memphis.
“When I received the phone call that I had been approved for the winterization program, my heart skipped a beat,” said Erica Warren, the 350th homeowner to receive energy-efficient upgrades to her home through TVA’s  Home Uplift Initiative, a partnership between TVA, MLGW, the city of Memphis and MIFA.
Thursday, Warren’s front yard in the Cooper-Young area was overrun with dignitaries and media, all celebrating the event. But it’s the changes inside Warren’s home that has this mom elated. Warren says it’s the answer to a prayer for her and her family.
“It was really drafty, really cool in this area. Also they replaced this side door and the back door,” she said.
After Warren was approved to receive energy-efficient upgrades, crews  replaced two drafty doors, tweaked the HVAC unit and turned her attic into what she calls the “pink pool.”
“They blew the insulation in here. They sealed up the ducts to keep the air from leaking around there. Also the blew insulation under this sub-floor here and they got it back up to standard,” she said.
Participants in the program typically see a 20 to 25% savings on their utility bills, sometimes even higher.
Plus, the upgrades create a healthier environment by eliminating drafts, especially in the winter.
In Memphis there are far more homes in need of what this program provides, and high utility bills often put basic needs on the back burner.
“That makes it harder to pay for other necessities like medicine, transportation, groceries,” said Jeff Lyash, president and CEO of TVA. “That doesn’t sound fair because it’s not.”

There are things you can do to make your home more energy efficient regardless of the season. Click here to find more tips.

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