Home Depot gives customer $1,000 when Problem Solvers follow up


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A customer assisted by the Problem Solvers last November now has $1,000 to spend thanks to the Problem Solvers following up.

Corine Oliver had been dealing with a broken refrigerator for months last year when she called the Problem Solvers, saying Home Depot and the manufacturer General Electric were giving her the runaround. She takes care of her sister full-time because she has a serious brain injury.

The Problem Solvers got them to listen and finally, GE replaced her broken fridge.

At the time, Home Depot promised her some money for her troubles. But months went by and once again she said she was getting the runaround. No one from Home Depot would follow up when she tried to get back in touch.

The Problem Solvers got involved once again last week. 

“I want to make sure the right people in customer care are working on this so I want to escalate it even more. Let me get in touch with them and hopefully I can get some answers here today,” said Christina Cornell with Home Depot communications.

Just a few days later, Oliver got a check for $500 and a gift card worth another $500 in the mail.

Home Depot officials said they take full responsibility for the delay and admit they had a breakdown in communications. They told the Problem Solvers they were taking steps to keep it from happening again.

Olive planned to use some of the money to get her sister an electric wheelchair for easier movement.

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