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(Memphis) A Memphis man accused of spreading HIV is looking for more women to date.

The On Your Side Investigators first told you about him last week.

Rodney Carr is charged with spreading the virus to at least one woman.

That woman believes there are more victims out there now she’s even more convinced.

Dating websites are a chance to meet someone new and someone to date.

However, when a 3 On Your Side viewer went looking for a match on Black People she saw a familiar face.

It was one she saw on WREG-TV last week.

It was Rodney Carr.

Carr is a Memphis minister charged with spreading the virus that causes AIDS.

On the website Carr has two profiles.

One bares his name. On the other, he calls himself Minterwonderful.

“He’s not wonderful. He’s a creep. Going around doing what he’s doing. He’s not wonderful at all,” said the woman who said Carr infected her.

We’re concealing her identity but that woman says Carr infected her with HIV between late 2010 and 2011.

She reported him to police because she says he never told her he had the virus. Court records reveal the minister learned he was HIV positive in 2005.

The On Your Side Investigators asked him about it during a recent court appearance.

We asked if he was HIV positive and he responded he’d rather not answer that question.

He did respond when asked if he was knowingly spreading it.

Carr said, “I did not spread it, no.”

However, the woman told us she believed there may be other victims. Now, she’s convinced that’s true.

“That’s outrageous. This man is still out here trying to be with other women. This is like outrageous,” said the victim.

Kim Daugherty is with Friends For Life, an HIV and AIDS support group.

She says it’s no crime being on a website but it is against the law for those with HIV to have sex without telling their partner.

The trouble is having that conversation.

“We live in a society where people don’t talk about sex very well anyway, right. So sure, people struggle with that and its something you have to work with people on,” said Daugherty.

Daughtery says ultimately people on dating websites should approach every person they connect with like they have some sort of STD.

Daughtery said, “For any of us it is our own responsibility to gather information about our potential sexual partners and our own responsibility to protect ourselves. Because truly at the end of the day you only know the status of one person and that’s yourself.”

Still, the woman says Carr can’t be trusted to tell the truth even if asked.

She has little doubt he’ll be truthful to women he might meet and eventually date on the web.

“He’s really trying to get with other women. He has HIV and he’s spreading it so he just really needs to be off the site. He needs to be off the site,” said the victim.

The On Your Side Investigators contacted Black People to see about its policy regarding members charged with crimes.

We haven’t heard back from them.

However, we did notify them of the charges Carr faces.