Hillary Clinton speaks at 2 Memphis churches

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a surprise visit to Memphis a few days before Super Tuesday.

Clinton received a lot of support in Memphis during the campaign trail.

There were cheers and excitement when Hillary Clinton made appearances at two Memphis churches. Her stop in Memphis caught a lot of parishioners off guard; most didn’t know she was coming.

The democratic presidential candidate’s first stop in Memphis was Greater Imani Church Cathedral of Faith in Raleigh, where she asked for their support days before Super Tuesday.

“Committed to helping small businesses, particularly minority and women owned small businesses,” she said.

Pastor Bill Adkins told the crowd he learned on Thursday Clinton was coming but couldn’t tell anyone, not even his wife.

Others weren’t expecting it either.

“I thought, wow, this is the political season, and even though it was surprising, we kind of expect to see the candidates right now,” Sheryl Nabors said. “It was really nice to see Hillary come out after that great win in South Carolina.”

Clinton also made a stop here to Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, where she received a standing ovation as well.

“What was so interesting was the cheer and the amount of enthusiasm, people are just real serious about this election,” Bret Thompson said.

Clinton got a lot of support after telling members of the congregation she wants to reform the criminal justice system and make sure it protects people in the process of policing.

Hundreds applauded when the presidential candidate talked about tackling gun violence.

“We’re going to go after the epidemic of gun violence. Did you know that gun violence is the number one cause of death of young African American men, more than the next nine causes combined,” she said.

Clinton also told members of the congregation she wants to make the cost of college more affordable. That hits close to home for Nabors.

“I have two children, one in college and one that’s about to go to college, so that resonates with me,” she said.

While at Memphis churches, Clinton also talked about affordable health care and credited President Barack Obama for his success with the Affordable Care Act.

Clinton said she wants to do more to promote extended early education.

Clinton also said she hates that the state government refused to extend Medicaid to working people in Tennessee.

Community leaders said Clinton’s visit was kept a secret for security purposes.

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