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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  A high-tech criminal operation has been reported in the South Bluffs apartments.

A  warning was sent to residents that criminals have been recording residents to find out when they leave their home.

So far, two burglaries have been reported.

People who live in the South Bluffs say they feel like it’s the safest neighborhood in Memphis, so were surprised to get this warning letter.

“It said that there were two burglaries,” said Merideth McFarland, an apartment resident.

McFarland got the letter, and others received an email telling them they are being cased and recorded by criminals.

The emails say criminals are driving into South Bluffs recording cars, license plates and people on video so they know when to come back and burglarize their apartments.

“It’s definitely very scary and alarming,” said McFarland.

The warning email, sent late last week, states the criminals broke into two apartments stealing TVs, jewelry boxes and searched all drawers.

It goes on to say one door frame was shattered and the other broken with a screwdriver.

“I feel like the reason why I chose South Bluffs is that it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Memphis,” said McFarland.

“When people move into downtown, they are scared to death and they overreact to these things,,” said South Bluffs resident Jim Lanier.  “This is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.”

“You’re not concerned?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I am not,” said Lanier.

McFarland says it’s always concerning when you live alone.

The police department has opened an investigation into the burglaries, but for now the residents say they are still going to keep their eyes out.