High school student ordered to remove Confederate flag from truck


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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida high school told a student he had to take his Confederate flag off his truck while on school grounds.

The school district said other students raised concerns about the flag, so administrators asked him to remove it to prevent disruption, according to Action News Jax.

The district wrote in a statement, “The school district respects a student’s right to self-expression however, our policy states that the right to self-expression may not infringe upon the rights of others and cannot interfere with the orderly educational process.”

The student’s mom, Erika Willis, said the administrators threatened to write him a referral if he didn’t take the flag down.

The student surrendered his parking pass so he could keep flying his flag, and the school did not discipline him.

Other students are supporting him by putting Confederate flags on their trucks.

Willis also said students have regularly worn Confederate flags on their clothes.

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