High Bond For Woman Living The High Life Off Identity Theft

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is locked-up on a $2 million dollar bond.

Pia Simms is accused of living the good life on other people’s money.

She's charged with multiple counts of identity theft trafficking.

Police say Sims had lots of money and handful of cars, all bought with money she got stealing people's information.

At just 25 years old, Simms had more cash and cars than some of us will have in our lifetime: two Jaguars, two Dodge Challengers, a Charger, a Hummer, and Mercedes -- all bought in cash over the last three years at a car dealership on Mount Moriah.

In one of her cars, investigators say they found almost $50,000 dollars in her trunk.

TBI says Simms has never had a job, but sure did a lot of work stealing people's identities.

“I am sure she's had a lot of money at her disposal,” said Investigative Consultant Andy Wilson with Wilson and Turner Inc.

Wilson knows a lot about white collar criminal and that’s what police say Simms is.

Memphis police say she had almost 700 people's names, social security numbers and birth dates, more than 100 debit cards with pin numbers written on the back, 20 people's tax documents, and more.

“Unfortunately, that information can be stolen, it can be lifted from businesses by employees and be sold on the black market ,” said Wilson.

Wilson says it can also be lifted from dumpster diving.

In Simms' case, we know a small number of her victims willingly gave her their information.

Investigators say she convinced at least five single mothers they were eligible for grant money.

“They were giving up their social security numbers, their address, their names and other valuable information that she could use to obtain credit cards in their names or to assume their identities.”

Investigators believe more victims are out there who don't even know they are victims yet in Memphis, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Wilson says the best way you can protect yourself is to buy a shredder and never give out your info to people you don't know.

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